The cat is agile and wise, charming and attractive like a moonlight. The cat is restrained, elegant, conceited and loyal to himself. But it is independent and affectionate, it is cool, but not cruel. The unobtrusive attitude of the cat attracts a group of young men and women who are willing to become cat slaves and willingly take on the role of a shovel. And the cat is a symbol of good luck in the traditional Chinese culture, so many people are willing to use the image of a cat as a tattoo material.

Many tattoo lovers who like cats like to make their own pet cats tattooed on their bodies. This kind of case is also very common. Such cats are mostly realistic, or add some flowers or bows to the cat’s body. Of course, in addition to realistic tattoos, cats can also be made into cartoon tattoos or abstract cat tattoos. Lucky cat tattoos are also available, not only cute but also the meaning of lucky.

cute cat tattoos, cute tattoo ideas

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