Everyone has a secret garden in their hearts, and they want a courtyard of their own, which is far away from the hustle and bustle, quiet and beautiful. With a beautiful yard, creating a comfortable and relaxing ecological space for yourself, it is almost the dream of living for every modern person who yearns for nature. If you live on the first floor with a yard, will it be turned into a garden? vegetable garden? Or do you have an outdoor leisure space?

For the design of the small courtyard, more attention to detail, accurate to the construction of each inch of land, whether the courtyard corresponds to a luxury villa, or a simple bungalow, there should be no rough incomplete design, because in the small courtyard In any place, it can be turned into the focus of people’s eyes at any time. The small courtyard space is small, but plants can still be planted as much as possible. The small courtyard landscape also has chic country style and luxurious style.

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