A coffee table as a standalone piece of furniture that completes the living room and makes it look good. An empty table in front of you sofa maybe look a bit awkward, but if you style it by setting some beautiful centerpieces, which can create a world of difference to your living room. Balance is an important component of any coffee table display, and one of the easiest ways to achieve balance is with symmetry.

There are plenty of coffee table centerpieces decor ideas. Most of people like flowers, they often place flowers on coffee tables, some people also choose small plants or succulents to make their coffee table look nice and pretty without using up a lot of space. Candles are great decors for coffee tables, they can create a warm and cozy atmosphere on living room. Trays are really useful when you want to group things up on a table or a desk in order to better organize everything or to save space. Here we have rounded up 45 pretty ways to style your coffee table. Just enjoy.

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