When visiting the flower market, people often buy mini succulent potted plants and succulent platters. This is a popular succulent planting method. It is set on computer desks, desks, window sills, etc. It is novel, fashionable and interesting. In addition to buying small potted plants in the flower market, you can also make some succulent potted plants according to your own interests, giving the succulents a chic home.

When combining potted plants, care should be taken to plant succulents with similar habits in a pot. It is best to combine the same genus of plants to facilitate management, like the cold, the growing season in the autumn and winter, the stone, the meat cone Flowers, twelve volumes, Guanyin lotus, etc., they are more suitable to squeeze in a basin. Some species of cactus, agave, and Euphorbiaceae, which grow in summer and dormant in winter, are suitable for combination. In addition, be careful not to plant the plants too densely, leaving room for growth. After the production, it is best to put a layer of stone or colored sand on the surface of the pot to avoid the exposed loess, affecting the appearance, but it is not suitable to lay the moss, because the moss likes the moist environment, and the succulent plants like the dry environment, both If it is planted together, its management is very inconvenient. You can also place some cartoon animals or characters next to the pot or in the basin to increase the fun of the pot.

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