Flower children are usually 4-6 years old girls, they can wear small wreaths on their heads, with flower-decorated baskets, small bouquets, or most commonly, a basket of petals, and throw them on the carpet before the bride comes in; ring children are usually 4-6 years old boys, ceremonially, with ring pillows on their hands.( If you’re worried that the ring might be lost, you can use a fake ring on the pillow. I don’t recommend younger boys as ring children.

Girls are usually white, fluffy little gauze skirts. They can also be decorated with theme-colored belts and small coats. Don’t worry about the balance between boys and girls, you can have no flower children, a quit child, or four flower children without quit children. Your little nephew, your good friend’s child, your daughter can invite them to join us. Note that you can have more than one flower child, but you really only need one abstainer. If you have to have two little boys, you can let them take a pillow with a ring on it.

37 Cute And Inspiring Flower Girl And Bearer Boy Ideas wedding,wedding ideas,flower girls,bearer boys

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