If the short separation promotes love, and the long separation kills love, then marriage holds a favorable position compared with no marriage, because it precludes long separation, we only need arrange some short separation for it. We should keep what we are when we are marriage. And the wedding celebration is a good occasion to show our personalities and controlling of our live. The bride will wear a very attractive wedding dress at the wedding and the dress must be long enough so that can make you like a domineering queen who can control you love and your mind. But if we are not high enough to support this long dress, it would be very awkward. Therefore, we need a pair of heels to support our dress. What’s more, this pair of heels needs to match our dress and high and comfortable enough. In this blog, I want to show you some pretty and shining wedding heels.

And I will show you some tips about how to care your heels. First is daily care: Daily simple care can make high-heeled shoes last as long as new and more durable. A pair of high-heeled shoes should be worn every other day, because sweat will cause moisture in the shoes after wearing high-heeled shoes all day, so when you go home, you should put high-heeled shoes in a cool and ventilated place to prevent bacteria. Usually after wearing high-heeled shoes, use cloth or soft fur to wipe off the dust. The gap between the heel and the shoe body can be wiped off with a pointed brush, and then put into the shoe braces to prevent the deformation of high-heeled shoes, or newspapers can be used instead. If the shoes are wet, use dry cloth to absorb the moisture of high-heeled shoes, and then put them in a cool and ventilated place to dry, remember not to put wet high-heeled shoes under the sun, nor put them next to the air conditioner or blow-dry them with a hair dryer, otherwise they will burst. I do hope this blog will be hopeful.

35 The Hot and Shining Heels Make You Queen in the Wedding

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