Jujube is used for nourishing blood and soothing the nerves. Astragalus root is known for its anti-Inflammatory and diuretic properties. Angelica root can boost immune system and stimulate blood circulation.

Angelica red jujube eggs


  • Angelica 10g
  • Radix Astragali 10g
  • egg 2, 6 dates
  • brown sugar
  • a spoon


1. egg, Chinese angelica, astragalus were washed hair soaked in warm water after the break apart and dates;

Angelica red jujube eggs
Angelica red jujube eggs

2. in addition to all the materials other than brown sugar into the pot or casserole in medicine, water bowls, ignition boil;

Angelica red jujube eggs
Angelica red jujube eggs

3. opened after the switch to small and medium low heat about 10 eggs cooked, and you can remove and;

Angelica red jujube eggs


  1. this 3,4 day of Diet in before or after one week after starting to eat by early or late fasting. Consecutive days you can eat. That is, eating a total of four eggs.

  2. similar practices Angelica eggs, some eggs are not only crack is not shelled or peeled. I just tested my own to do this, the other did not test, so I can not say how effective. Also some of them put black beans and peanuts, I tried that place and hold onto the future, the effect is not affected.

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