Everyone wants to have a different look for their own home, and the same small bathroom is no exception. In order to install a chic bathroom, the color of the bathroom tiles must be selected. The perfect combination of bathroom tile color can make the bathroom look more neat and beautiful. Glass tiles can be chosen for tile selection. This tile has the effect of expanding the space, making the overall space less boring and depressed. The color of the tile can be selected as the light-colored wall tile, and the light-colored wall tile also has the effect of expanding the space.

Medium-sized bathroom, wall brick color can choose warm color, can be used in a large area, can also be a small area to warm the wall tiles, and the other wall is decorated with cold-colored wall tiles, which will make the bathroom more individual. The large-area bathroom can choose the color of the dark color in the color selection of the wall tiles, but in the middle, it needs to match the light-colored line or the light-colored kicking brick at the bottom, so that the whole wall will not appear too Dull; the color of the floor tiles can be chosen to be the same color as the wall tiles, but the color of the sanitary ware must be light-colored, so that the overall effect will be noble.

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