The open kitchen refers to the clever use of space, which connects the practical and beautiful dining table to the kitchen to form an open cooking dining space. The open kitchen creates a welcoming dining environment that makes the family’s intimate pleasures accompany the family from early morning. The medium-sized family will place cabinets of various structures according to the characteristics of the space, whether it is an island-type operation area, an L-shaped operation area, a U-shaped operation area commonly used in Founder space, and a T-type operation area with a space separation function. It is easy to open up the position of the table.

The open decoration connects the kitchen, dining room, living room and other spaces to make the space look more beautiful and expand the visual space. Especially for small units, the open decoration makes the kitchen not crowded. In the past, only the kitchen of a person could be accommodated. After becoming open-ended, it is possible to stay with several people. Cooking in an open kitchen, the sights can be found in the living room, dining room, and you can chat with family and friends while cooking, to promote communication and deepen your feelings. In addition, you can also look after the elderly or children at home, providing security to a certain extent. There are several open kitchen designs for your reference if you want to design your own kitchen.

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