Vases can be seen everywhere in our real life. Is the function of vases just a container for flowers? Of course not. The vase is still a very important ornament in the family. So, how to choose the right household vase? Glass vase is not only the most common but also the most versatile one in daily life. It has good permeability and can easily see the change of water quality. Metal vases are the home equipment of every fashion worshiper. It naturally emits a sense of metallic luster, with beautiful flowers, so that the simple home environment is more rich and interesting. Suitable for simple home style, and whether it is planted with one or more flowers, can create a calm and comfortable elegant atmosphere.

If we bought our favorite potted plants, how can we maintain them when we get home? The first choice for many friends is to change flowerpot. So how to choose a flowerpot? For pots with good plant growth, when they belong to earthenware pots or tile pots, earthenware pots have very good air permeability and water permeability, even if watering is too much, it is not a problem, so they are more suitable for novice flower cultivation.

36 Perfect Vase and Flowerpot Ideas for Your Home Decor vase, flowerpot,home decor,glass vase,

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