For exquisite and beautiful women, the appropriate occasion to wear appropriate makeup, even if it is downstairs to pick up a courier, but also make up exquisite, smear to create a minimalist makeup, and no longer worse, will wear a hat and mask. So in the face of your boyfriend, you need a gentle and pleasant little girl makeup. In fact, it takes only a few steps to draw a fresh and pleasant gentle makeup. Today I will teach you how to use these steps to complete a gentle makeup that charms your dead boyfriend. Let your boyfriend love you more!

First, we need to do a good job of moisturizing and hydrating before daily makeup, besides keeping the skin in a good state, makeup techniques also account for a large part of the reason. We can use makeup eggs to wet with water and press the makeup gently, to keep the makeup clean and tidy, and it does not seem to make people feel heavy makeup. A gentle lip makeup is the finishing touch of the whole makeup. The lips should be moisturized and elastic. Before applying makeup, you can do a moisturizing and exfoliating job for the lips. Then when applying lipstick, remember to draw a contour along the lips roughly, and then apply it. Because that will make your lips look natural and pure and moving. These shades of tender pink and seductive gold are made for mixing & matching to create a warm, soft, ethereal look.

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