Apart from painting and calligraphy utensils and craft ornaments, flowers and plants are indispensable for the decoration of the living room. With these flowers and plants, room painting is full of vitality and vitality. Of course, indoor flower and plant layout is a matter of personal preference and aesthetic interest, which requires continuous learning and practice. So, come and learn the indoor flower and plant layout method together immediately.

Decorative bedrooms are usually arranged in the form of green plants, flowers, bonsai and flower arrangement. When choosing and using these plants, besides considering the shape, color, texture, character and personal preferences of the flowers and plants themselves, we should also choose the plants suitable for survival according to the size; orientation and illumination conditions of the living room, making the potted plants complement each other in space color use and temperament. Indoor flower and plant layout is a relatively individualized matter; there is no fixed model, to adapt to local conditions. For example, small Nordic apartments are more suitable for small green or fleshy plants. The common way of arranging flowers and plants is to lay them flat, that is, to put them directly on the desktop or furniture utensils to fully show the beauty of flowers and plants.

36 Ways to Create Your Own Plant Zoom plants, plants decor for home, home decor

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